Successful real estate investment requires vision and successful commercial/retail businesses require affluent, dependable, growing markets. Spotting an opportunity on Vancouver Island, Hallmark Holdings acquired their portfolio of commercial/retail properties in Langford BC in 2019. And in 2020, Langford BC., on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, was acclaimed as one of the fastest growing and most liveable communities in the province.


For property investment to pay off in the long run, those properties must remain valuable and, more so, increase in value appreciably. So the savvy investor seeks out locations that remain, and increase, in demand over time.

Besides Hallmark Holdings residential properties and commercial/retail real estate, the Company invests in facilities that enable the efficient and widespread distribution of goods to growing local populations.


Successful real estate investment takes time, time for real-world circumstances and market forces to realize the initial vision. The site for MacPherson Walk was the first property Hallmark Holdings purchased in BC and the company waited three decades before developing it. The success of MacPherson Walk, built-in 2010, led to the acquisition of the site for Altitude in 2012. That’s vision and patience.